The Best Podcast Hosting Platforms 

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So you’ve got you’re first few episodes together and you’re asking yourself where you should host your podcast.

The most difficult thing when getting set up with a podcast host is knowing what exactly it is that you need. At first, this can be hard for beginners to figure out.

Do you need detailed analytics? Will you want a host that integrates with crowdsourcing platforms? Do you need to be able to manage your account from a smartphone? Do you need a customizable embeddable media player? How large is the file of each of your episode and how much monthly space do you require?

You see where I’m going with this?

Take a look below at our short list of the best podcast hosting platforms. Some of these platforms offer free podcast hosting with basic features all the way up to enterprise level hosting.

In alphabetical order:



These guys have three hosting packages to choose from starting with their $9.99 subscription for beginners with modest audiences looking for hosting and distribution. Work yourself up to a larger audience of 10,000 plays per month and they offer unlimited episodes and sponsorship opportunities along with tons of other sweet perks.



BlogTalkRadio offers publisher-grade hosting services that will distribute your podcast, provide measurement stats and monetization opportunities for serious podcasters. They don’t claim any ownership over you content and only share in revenues of sponsorships they help you acquire. From your user dashboard you’ll be able to syndicate your show to iTuens and other streaming platforms, snag an attractive media player embed for your website, link to your social accounts for automated sharing of your content which plays natively on all social platforms, a see stats of your shows overall performance.




Here’s another big player in the game. Blubrry offer simple hosting with great statistics and connectivity with your WordPress blog using their PowerPress Plugin. They’ve been praised among podcast circles for having superior customer services which is always a bonus. Hosting bundles go from 100mb at $12 per month to 1,000mb at $80 per month



Buzzsprout is well known for being one of the best free podcast hosting platforms out there. They allow up to 2 free hours of content per month and offer up to 12 hours of content at only $24 per month. They have an easy migration process if you’re coming from another company and offer a month to month payments option.



Fireside is a simple option with one payment plan at $19 per month that offers unlimited storage, unlimited downloads, unlimited episodes, full analytics and data, a responsive website and easy 1-click importing from any previous hosting provider. Adding an additional show is only $8. The analytics dashboard is clean and attractive and their custom media player looks professional and straightforward. If you still haven’t tackled getting a website built and fear losing 6+ months just learning the basics of WordPress, this would be a fantastic option.



Easily the most popular off the menu hosting some of the worlds most popular podcasts. They’ve now launched podcast apps for iOS and Android to extend the reach and monetization capabilities of your content with advertising programs available. If you’re on an existing hosting services and want to migrate over and have a pretty good track record for great customer service. Whether you’re starting out or looking for enterprise hosting, Libsyn offers packaging of 50mb at $5 per month all the way up to 1500mb at $75 per month. LibsynPro is their enterprise solution for large podcast networks hosting multiple ongoing shows. Their website may feel outdated but their services sure aren’t.



Here’s a newer option out there with a pretty competitive offering. Only $5 a month will get you unlimited storage, basic analytics, a “tip jar” feature, unlimited shows, a podcast homepage and custom support. A jump up to $50 a month gets you some impressive enterprise features found on much higher priced competitors offerings. Pinecast looks like a very quick-to-get-going option for those not looking to break their head with tech crap.



Podbean is for podcast creators and listeners as it allows visitors to explore it’s vast library of shows. They provide hosting, a website builder, unlimited storage and bandwidth, monetization opportunities and a great app to work from. Prices start from as little as #3 per month all the way up to $99. Their patron program acts similarly to Patreon that allows listeners to sign up for monthly payments to support the show with customized pledge options to incentivize them.


Life's Short. Put Your Podcast On Autopilot

The only thing more precious than time is what you spend it on. Stop toiling in obscurity!!!  

You want that “NPR” sound but don’t have the time or skills.  You want a masterful production you can set ’n forget.

Check out our robust selection of competitively priced podcast production services that let you spend time on the things that really matter.

This is a new discovery of ours that is looking like a pretty outstanding option for free podcast hosting that has wildly competitive features. is both a podcast hosting platform and library to discover tons of new shows. Podcasters are offered 100% free podcast hosting with unlimited bandwidth, storage, and podcasts, easy iTunes and Google Analytics integration, and automatic subscriber updates to keep your subscribers abreast. Listeners can browse nearly 100,000 podcasts with’s smart phone apps. It seems the only thing they’re missing is analytics for podcasters.



I’m quite surprised we don’t see Podigee around more often. They’ve been around since 2013 and have plenty of sought-after features at fantastic prices. Plans start at $3 and go up to $60 and offer everything from website, audio quality improvement, statistics, automated transcoding, unlimited storage and some impressive customizable features and packages. Podigee has turnkey solutions for podcasters and easily make the shortlist for best podcast hosting platforms.




PodOmatic is a pretty big player in the podcast hosting game. Rich statistics, easy embeds for web and social media, crowdsourcing integration, drag-and-drop websites—they’ve got a great offering with packages ranging from $8.32 per month and up. PodOmatic rotates feature podcasters in their vast library, and with over two million monthly visitors, that could be some great exposure.



You’ve likely heard of Soundcloud and know that it differs from typical podcast hosting platforms in that it is also a place for discovering anything audio. It’s incredibly easy to use, offers embed players seen everywhere and an RSS feed to be submitted to iTunes. Soundcloud is free but also offers PRO at $6 and and PRO Unlimited at $16 which offer deeper data on stats. The only deterring factor about Soundcloud is that there has been recent news about them potentially shutting down. They seem to have managed to keep their head above water with additional funding, however, should their platform go down all audio will certainly go with it. Should that story change, they may just be your go-to.



You can get your podcast set up and online with ShoutEngine in under five minutes. They have a free service which offers unlimited storage and 10GB of bandwidth which is pretty crazy and if you’re just starting out this could be all you need. ShoutEngine has great analytics and makes publishing super easy.  If you just want to get off the ground with no frills, check these guys out. 



Spreaker is a podcasting mammoth for both listeners and creators. Their platform allows you to record and broadcast live using their apps for desktop or mobile. Distribute your content everywhere and measure the results with their basic analytics dashboard. Upgrade to a premium account to unlock more data. They offer a basic free hosting option and then plans form $5.99 to $119.99.



This one needs no introduction. YouTube is often included in many of the distribution packages podcast hosting sites offer. And that’s great. What this means is that they’ll connect with your YouTube account and publish a video with a still image displayed throughout while your episode plays. Some people do screen casts of their podcasts so YouTubers can feel more present with the episodes hosts. So whichever way you plan to do it, don’t go exclusively with YouTube and do not rule it out. 



Fast and unlimited hosting, detailed analytics, scheduled publishing, websites and dedicated support, ZenCast has pretty much got it all covered. Prices start at $14 per month and go up to $179 with increasing features. They’ve definitely got a strong case for both amateurs and professionals alike. They offer free concierge migration from any competing service and let you get started with a free trial until you’re convinced they’re right for you.

So there you have it. Hosting your podcast is by no means complicated. It’s more a question of understanding the demands of your show, the variety of services offered, and comparing the pricing of each platform. If you’re with a podcast host which you’re very happy or unhappy about, let us know in the comments below.


Life's Short. Put Your Podcast On Autopilot

The only thing more precious than time is what you spend it on. Stop toiling in obscurity!!!  

You want that “NPR” sound but don’t have the time or skills.  You want a masterful production you can set ’n forget.

Check out our robust selection of competitively priced podcast production services that let you spend time on the things that really matter.


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