Swedish Bicycle Brand Teaches Us The Vélosophy Of Life

May 16, 2016  /  by Lucas Marston  /  in DESIGN, CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP

Part Bicycle and Part Philosophy. That’s how Swedish bicycle brand Vélosophy describes themselves. They are the producer of a new stylish, design-savvy line of bicycles that offer far much more than chic, functional design.

Vélosophy are on a mission to transform the bicycle business with their humanitarian business model — donating a bicycle to a school girl in Ghana every time one is sold. Vélosophy has partnered up with UNICEF in this 3-year project referred to as One for One.


CEO and founder Jimmy Östholm runs a successful bike café in Stockholm and carries a strong background in branding and design. He has Vélosophy donation bicycles manufactured locally supporting local business and has grown Velosophy into a team of six.

Their research has determined that girls with bikes are nearly 30% more present at school and bare 60% higher grades as a result. A study conducted by Plan UK suggests that an additional year of education may increase a students income by 10-20%.

[images via Vélosophy]

The results show that bicycles stand to empower young girls in Ghana; having social impact on poverty, community, and the overall workforce.

The bikes come in two editions: Vé Sport and Vé Comfort. The Vé Sport (12,3kg) has a more forward leaning seat position with a narrow saddle and a lightweight chain guard. The Vé Comfort (12,8 kg ) is more akin to a classic city cruiser with a wider saddle and a more upright position.

Both models are aluminium city commuters equipped with alloy fenders, anti-rust chain and a smooth-shifting 3-speed integrated hub from Sram. You can find both models in yellow, green, orange, blue and purple and are available in two sizes.

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[via Vélosophy]


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