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May 6, 2016 /  by Lucas Marston / in FILM/VIDEO

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Stage 32 is an educational social network for over 500, 000 film, TV and theater creatives. For 5 years, it has served as a premiere networking destination that has led to worldwide collaborations among its members.

In September of 2011, owner Richard Botto and his team launched what Forbes Magazine described as “ meets LinkedIn for anyone working in (or with a desire to work in) film, television or theater.”

Artists get free access into the community which hosts a wealth of forum discussions on subjects such as acting, animation, cinematography, transmedia, financing and more. Members may post their profile, headshots, physical statistics, IMDb page and other relevant items. With a similar feel as Facebook, navigating around is simple and intuitive.

The platform offers online webinars and low-priced classes and labs instructed by over 400 industry professionals. Follow producers discussing the process of filmmaking, directors giving insight into building a career as well as new and established actors sharing their experiences.

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Stage 32 ‘Happy Writers’ allows writers to pitch to executives at a reasonable cost which includes feedback on the pitch; a feature that to date has seen over 200 success stories.

Richard Botto shares in a recent interview with Andrew Warner of Mixergy:


The whole idea was to make this world smaller. Filmmaking isn’t only happening in Hollywood anymore. It’s hardly happening at all in Hollywood anymore. It’s happening all over the world. It’s a DIY world. People aren’t worried about getting into theaters anymore as far as distribution is concerned. People are happy with online distribution and streaming.


With the rise of crowdfunding services, access to cheap online education in post-production, and the decreasing costs of technology, Stage 32 simultaneously exalts the democratization of film all while providing free or affordable resources for members to climb the ranks of the traditional arena.

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The stories that I love and the thing that has been the most rewarding is having a filmmaker in India hire a composer in Florida, which just recently happened for a major motion picture, to score the film. He can’t find anybody around him that’s getting the material.


As suspicion and skepticism are expected of an organization offering chances at opportunities in such a tough industry, one should note that Stage 32  crowdsourced its 500 000 member community organically. New members were brought in via existing members endorsement of the value inside; quite a compelling case against doubters.

Surely things like talent, timing, network and luck play a roll in anyones success in most industries—especially creative. With the degree of member appreciation and success stories found in Stage 32, a legitimate job posting and community support network definitely cannot hurt and is probably well worth the try.

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