Pyro: Artificial Intelligence Wants Its Own DJ Night

May 13, 2016  /  by Lucas Marston  /  in MUSIC, TECHNOLOGY

It looks like Artificial Intelligence is making some moves, jockeying for position to replace DJs. And in some cases, that may not be such a bad idea. Whether or not you feel that it was only a matter of time or that it is about time, it’s time. Without cracking open either side of some purist debate, let your imagination run by this technology for a moment.

Pyro is a late release from Serato, a digital audio software company from New Zealand which stands at the forefront of digital DJ technology. Pyro is a complex mobile application that analyzes tempo, genre and structure of your tracks to find the best place to mix one track into another.


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Pyro sifts through your iTunes library and Spotify Premium (if you have) and appropriately manages songs into playlists. With a simple user interface, listeners exercise their Tinder-like motor skills by swiping left on songs to remove from the playlist and right to move them next in line.

Build your own playlists or use Pyros “Heat” feature which offers a range of playlists curated by tastemakers worldwide. Your history is stored so that you never lose new discoveries and can revisit them anytime.


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Let me throw some speculation at how this could potentially turn out:

-So, Pyro connects with your Spotify account.

-Spotify is a competitor of Apple Music.

-Apple also sells mp3s.

-Who happen to steal a lot of mp3s?


-Apple acquires digital DJ company (Traktor or Serato) and integrates the software into Apple Music, incentivizing DJs to sign up and gain access to their library.

-The acquisition gives Apple Music the winning edge over Spotify while making a huge dent on music piracy, benefiting both Apple Music and iTunes.

-Machine learning observes DJ habits from around the globe.

-Apple releases virtual DJ characters across genres, much like they have done with the virtual drummers in their digital audio workstation Logic Pro. These virtual DJs curate to your night based on keywords and past preferences.

It will be quite some time until AI can hype a crowd, network and participate in human pastimes. And an even longer time until they can demand bottles of Grey Goose for their posse of other scenester AI. But then again, the device from which we’ll be using Pyro is now millions of times more powerful than the technology that took us to the moon.

As it stands Pyro is a free product available on all iOS platforms with additional add-ons to come in the future.

After experimenting with Pyro you’ll see that it does a particularly good job with quantized dance music. It seems like a great set-and-forget solution for hosts looking to set a vibe with no awkward gaps between songs or jarring track selections.

Below is Seratos promotional video for Pyro followed by a behind the scenes look into the technology behind the app:

Grab Pyro here from the iTunes store or click here to visit their website.


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