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May 18, 2016  /  by Lucas Marston  /  in CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP, FASHION

These days, it feels like we all falter between our affinities for the democratization that tech has brought to our creative fields and our resentment over the deteriorating opportunities to monetize our work because of it.

Rather than getting caught in this tug-of-war, New York-based fashion/design ecommerce platform Print All Over Me has made this puzzle an artistic endeavour in itself.  They have created a more suitable solution to address the creation-profit dilemma.


Print All Over Me (POAM) is an online fashion collaboration website that releases a series of contemporary, made-to-order fashion and accessory silhouettes: t-shirts, skirts, bags, hats, and hundreds of other items. Artists create profiles, upload original artwork on to these silhouettes and offer them for sale for which they receive a profit of at least 20%. PAOM does the rest.

Every piece on PAOM is custom made. We print the fabric first and then cut and sew. We believe that by taking fashion slowly we can: a. offer high quality items; b. produce in an environmentally sustainable way; c. (and most importantly) offer our studio employees a living wage and health benefits.

We have over 5 million products!

Each product is custom made when you order.”


Creators can order wholesale with purchases starting at 20 pieces of a design across multiple sizes and a logo embroidered as an addition.

After poking through the features of PAOM, it shows to serve as an excellent content strategy for artists to share and diversify their product line, while making a profit and potentially driving fans over to their larger body of work. This could mean more sales, more fans, collaborations or potential hires in the future.  Artists should look at this as casting a wider net to funnel people back to their own digital real-estates: websites, social platforms, event listings and ecommerce checkouts.

It could also serve as a means for designers to prototype an idea to see the reaction it draws; all to get an idea if they should go into full production on their own or not.


The Print All Over Me app allows for “real life” on-the-go usage where users can upload photos, add text and have designs ordered on the spot. Even share the image with friends for validation beforehand.

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[all images via Print All Over Me]


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