We turn the songs of career artsits/songwriters into radio-ready productions with hit potential…

Our Specialty:

Pop, R&B, Rock and Indie genres.

Who We Work With:

Artists around the world remotely, turning the early stages of a song into a full-blown production that equals today’s hottest hits. Perfect for sync songwriters and singer-songwriters pitching to publishers, supervisors and music libraries.

Agencies, brands and music supervisors, providing culturally relevant original musical productions that communicate with their target demographic.


why us?


Together we’ll brainstorm the perfect vision for your music.


When you succeed, we succeed. We’ll storyboard a game plan for getting the most from your release.


We provide you with a full-scale, culturally relevant production that compares to your favourite releases.

Musician Access

We produce all of the electronic and/or live instrumentation your song needs.

Refined Process

Our collaboration process is highly personal and efficient.


We coach you along the way to submit to us your best performances, recordings and plan for success.


We’ll provide you with educational resources on streaming, sync placement, press and content & digital marketing.

How It Works

Get On a call

Here we discuss your vision for your music, learn your budget and timeline, receive your demo and reference tracks and determine if we’re a good match for creating something remarkable together.


Once we’ve brainstormed and developed a vision for your music together, our team gets to work on an instrumental, keeping you updated as it evolves to make sure we’re on the right track.

Vocal Coaching

Once our pre-production is approved, we’ll coach you through getting the best recordings of your vocals. We’ll suggest melodies, harmonies, and ad-libs to make your vocals pop.

Final Touches

Here’s where we add the extra bells and whistles to the production, making sure every stroke of the brush is meticulously executed. Once approved, we mix and master.

Release Strategy

Here we’ll provide you with informative resources that will help you get the most of your release. We’ll dig into sync licensing, streaming, digital & content marketing, and social media.

How We Can

Produce Your Song


Conceptualizing & Pre-Production

A recent client came to us to produce his next single which he asked to sound like a Top 40 Pop track akin to Justin Bieber and DJ Snake, encompassing the same feel and calibre as a handful of submitted reference tracks.

After providing us with only a simple chord progression and some early ideas for the lyrics and melody, we got to work on the music that would allow him to further develop his vocal parts according to the vibe of the track.

In a short matter of time, we had come up with something that checks off all the boxes and compares very well to his target sound.

Throughout the entire pre-production process, we kept our client up-to-date with all the songs developments to ensure we were heading in the right direction.

From there, we coach him on his topline writing, give suggestions and ensure that he’s well educated in recording his vocals properly to submit to us the best vocal takes possible to end up with an outstanding end product.

Below is an example of an instrumental pre-production we made to give you an idea of the creation pipeline and how we can bring your songs to life with only a simple chord progression and some reference material.

How We Can

develop your song

Big Picture Thinking

After only a short time at the drawing board, Lucas Marston’ “Safety Word” started to take shape. We had decided on a hybrid sound for the beat, combining live drums and hip hop samples to create something both organic and contemporary.

Pulling together terms, adjectives, keywords and cultural icons, we developed a theme that would help set the tone and characterize the experience we wanted listeners to walk away with. Using words like “cheeky, Bryan Ferry, crooner, or passé” would act as a stake in the ground, setting parameters around the sounds and instrumentation we created. These modern and retro sounds were tailored in support of Lucas’ whispery singing style and baritone range, allowing it to dominate its place in the mix.

For some final finesse to the vision, we dug into our network of professional musicians to find the perfect soprano saxophone player and instructed him on a performance we characterized as “Brandford Marsalis meets Kenny G.” You can find this performance near the end of the track.

music production

How We Can

save your song



Montreal songwriter Baby Grand came to us unhappy with the work that her previous producer did for her song “Any Good Fool.” The song lacked movement, drama, impact and failed to tell a story. The tracks were poorly recorded with out of tune instruments and vocals, headphone bleed and over compression. Essentially, the song was a flop and she asked us to revive what was worth keeping and build on it from there.


After conceptualizing the direction of the song we got to work on breathing life into it. We layered guitars and synths, swapped out the drums, tuned the vocals, generated vocal harmonies from her original take, added plenty of effects and created scene changes between the sections to add movement and a sense of story. We kept Baby Grand updated with new developments to the song to ensure we were on the right track. Once we hit our target we got to work on mixing and mastering.

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We want to know all about your project to learn how we can serve you best. Get in touch with a detailed description of your project and your budget. Should we need any further information, we’ll be in touch so we can provide you with a quote.

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