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We’ll address each individual sound and create a radio ready release that translates well across all listening devices. Trust us to tastefully apply creative effects that support your unique vision for your music.


This is where we assure that the tonal balance and level of your mix competes with other commercially released tracks. We’ll provide you with a sensible and cohesive master delivered as a beautiful 24-bit WAV.


Looking for further separation of sections in your mix or polished stems for remixers? Stem out your groups and we’ll create a fresh, loud master with commercial polish and gloss.


Feel you need a little boost to put that special “je ne sais quoi” or X-factor in your music? Need some tasteful ear candy for more impact? Whether it’s contemporary flair or compositional guidance, we’ve got you covered.

Hip Hop

How It Works


Reach out with a rough mix, some detailed notes including the track count of each song and some reference tracks. We’ll provide you with an affordable quote for the scope of work required.


After confirming the price for a service, we get to work on your music and amplify the integrity of it’s contents while staying in touch with the direction & reference material you provide. 


Listen to the mix on several sets of speakers and take as long as you need to evaluate. Make detailed notes of changes you’d like made. Zero to three rounds of revisions is most common. 


Once approved, we’ll print you a 24-bit WAV. If you need an instrumental, acapella, stems, or clean or dirty bounces of your mix, just ask.

Our Mixes


Custom Pricing

A song with 100 tracks and heaps of creative effects and processing requires much more time and skilled labour than a song with only 15 total tracks. We’ll tailor the price of each song to the amount of work required.

To give you an idea, prices start from $139USD for smaller, less time-intensive sessions to $299USD for larger ones requiring much more savoir-faire.


Once we have received your tracks, we’ll meticulously go through each one and clean up any clicks, pops, noise, or anything else that is not supposed to be there.

We’re stocked with many of the industries latest tools for repairing audio but sometimes there are issues that simply can’t be fixed. Should we discover an issue that can’t be resolved with any of these tools, we’ll let you know if they need to be resent or re-recorded.

Time Correction

Some performances are best left loose with a natural human touch while others want everything fitting right in the pocket—packing the perfect punch. We’ll start by getting your rhythm section sitting tight and then line up all additional elements to ensure everything feels on-point and natural.

Pitch Correction

There’s no shame in nudging a few notes around to make sure the performance is in the bag. Whether you want the tuning to be minimal or used heavy as an effect we’ll fine-tune anything necessary to make each performance pop.

Drum Replacement

Sometimes drums need a little help—especially when recorded at home or in low budget studios. Some drums like kicks only need a little help with a supporting kick to beef it up or they need to be swapped out entirely. We’ll go through the entire drum performance and replace any problematic elements with an alternative that will go unnoticed to the listener.

5 Revisions

We’re happy to take all your critiques of our mix to heart to get your song where it needs to go. This can usually be done in the first 2-3 revisions but we’re happy to slap on a few extra to make sure you’re ultimately happy with the end product.


We include mastering in the cost of the mix. Whether you’re after a more analog or transparent master our engineers will provide you with a clear and punchy master that suits the song and genre perfectly. We’ll also include an instrumental and acapella version should you be offering your song for licensing or remixes.



Please submit 24 bit wav or aiff files. Make sure normalization is turned off and no dithering has been applied. Leave approximately 3-6 dBs of headroom.

  • What are the technical specifications for mastering submissions?

    Please submit 24 bit wav or aiff files. Make sure normalization is turned off and no dithering has been applied. Leave approximately 3-6 dBs of headroom.

  • I need help writing and producing my song. Can you help me?

    Absolutely. We offer comprehensive full-scale musical production services for artists. For more information, check out our online music production page.

  • How long does the process take? What is the average turnaround time?

    Master: 2-3 business days
    Stem Master: 5 business days
    Full Mix & Master: 7-8 business days

  • Do you offer deals for more than one track at a time?

    Discounts on multiple tracks can be certainly be discussed. Please note, discounts can only be negotiated in regards to full-scope projects (ie – an EP or album, not individual singles over the course of a year)

  • Do you offer attended sessions?

    Unfortunately not at this time.

  • How do I pay?

    We’ll provide you with an invoice and you can pay via PayPal, email money transfer, or with any other online money transfer service.

  • Is there a specific genre you work with?

    We’re well versed in a variety of genres and the many attitudes they take toward production. So, no.

  • Are you available in my country?

    We work with anyone from anywhere in the world.

  • Do you offer employment to other engineers and producers?

    Let’s see what you got!


Hit us up with any of your questions about our remote mixing and mastering services and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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