Korg Triton Taktile MIDI Keyboard Controller

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Korg Triton Taktile

  • Number Of Internal Programs: 512
  • Maximum Polyphony: 80 voices
  • Keyboard 25-key: Semi Weighted Keyboard
  • Trigger Pads: 8
  • General Purpose Controllers: Switches x 8, Sliders x 8
  • DAW Transport: Switches x 7
  • Other Controllers: Wheel 1 (Pitch bend), Wheel 2 (Assignable)
  • Arpeggiator: 6 types, 50 Rhythm patterns
  • Terminals: USB (Type B), Assignable Switch, Assignable Pedal, Audio Out (Stereo mini jack type)
  • MIDI: Out only
  • Power Supply: USB bus power mode Supports USB 2.0 compliant DC5V 550mA or higher AC adapters

The KORG TRITON taktile series comes in both 25 and 49 key versions and offer a high degree of professionalism, functionality, and style with an authentic-feeling semi-weighted keyboard. It is surely one of the more feature-loaded models to make our list of the best MIDI keyboard controllers as it not only sends MIDI data but also comes loaded with 512 sounds from KORG’s best-selling music workstation: the TRITON.

A touch pad inherited from the Kaossilator that lets you play melodies using just a single finger, trigger pads that let you generate chords in the key and scale of your choice and an arpeggiator that includes rhythm patterns. With all common sliders and switches, the TRITON taktile lets the user get to work right away. Whether in the studio or on stage, its is a USB MIDI controller of extraordinary performance and functionality for any musical situation.

Register 16 of your favourite sounds for instant recall to have your unique treasury of sounds always at hand and control all of these parameters from the TRITON taktile itself. Or if you’re tracks are already laid down, control them from your computer via USB MIDI as an external sound module.

One of TRITON taktile’s competitive advantages is that it can be used as a standalone keyboard workstation without the need of a computer. Connect with an AC adaptor or mobile batteries (sold seperately: USB 2.0 compliant DC5V 550 mA or higher) an enjoy it as a compact and lightweight synthesizer.

The trigger pads have two velocity-sensitive banks that allow for dynamic performances of drum and percussion input, and the Chord Scale function that automatically generates chords according to your specified key signature. Combine this with the arpeggiator and unearth infinite possibilities.


Mac OS X version 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, or later (32bit/64bit)

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