Hollagully Hot Track | Obaa Sima - Ata Kak

May 27, 2016  /  by Lucas Marston  /  in MUSIC 

Ata Kak was an Ghanaian Afro-pop/Highlife/Disco artist of who recored his own songs using the software Notator Atari, a synthesizer, and a secondhand 12-track recorder. The EP on which ‘Obaa Sima’ was released sold three copies until about 15 years later when an American ethnomusicology student named Brian Shimkovitz travelled extensively through parts Africa to amass a collection of “contemporary urban sounds, more traditional music, and hybrids falling into otherwise unclassifiable styles.” The result of his findings can be found at his iconic blog, and now record label Awesome Tapes From Africa.

Read the full story on Ata Kak at FACTMAG.



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