So You Want To Be A Contributor For Hollagully - Writing Guidelines

Thank you for taking interest in becoming a contributor for Hollagully. We are a collaborative publishing platform who loves connecting with writers who provide insights into the converging worlds of arts, technology, and entrepreneurship.

We focus on shifting paradigms in today’s creative industries as we progress into an increasingly global and digital future. We are looking to share the stories, tools, and insights from creative professionals who successfully navigate the digital age, who challenge the roll of gatekeepers or who bypasses them completely.

As the modern creative climate demands a wide diversification of talents, we cover a variety of subjects and promote the cross-pollination of creative disciplines and entrepreneurship. Our audience are predominantly millennial, creative professionals and entrepreneurs along with everyday artists looking to step up their professionlism.

Contributors will benefit by gaining exposure and credibility with the potential to drive readers to their personal blogs, business pages, and social profiles.

Educational Articles:

We accept informative, actionable articles in the form of:

1. How-To’s

2. Case Studies

3. Tutorials

4. Infographics

5. App, Tool or Service Reviews

6. Interviews (for us to conduct an interview on your creative enterprise, introduce yourself along with all appropriate links: [email protected])

7. Listicles

8. News

9. Press Releases

10. Resource Lists

11. Research

12. Opinion Pieces

13. Cheat Sheets

14. Checklists

 15. Short Stories

16. Critiques

17. Artwork

18. Satire

What Makes A Good Hollagully Post?

Read our content. Develop a sense of what we publish.

Write for creative professionals. Address their needs, fears, challenges, questions, pain points.

Hone a main message. Edit your intro so that the point of your post is unquestionably clear from the beginning.

Be prescriptive. If telling readers to do something, explain how or provide links to sources

Tell a story – like a journalist. Cover who, what, when, where, how, and why. Make it personal. Share things you’ve done and seen, lessons you’ve learned, money you’ve saved (or earned), audiences you’ve grown, problems you’ve solved, etc.

Make it concrete. Give examples, details, metrics. Make it real.

Long enough to engage and enrich readers (and no longer):  As long as it’s searchable, snackable, and sharable.

Avoid or explain buzzwords. Industry buzzwords unfamiliar to creatives are the worst. If you’re talking tech, stats, or finance help people understand – in layman’s terms – what’s possible and why they should care.

Be thoughtful when including links. We will include a backlink to your domain from within your profile. Therefore posts with too many links back to your domain will appear spammy and will be rejected.

Self-promotion. Avoid ungracefully promoting your company in your post. That’s what your author bio will be for.

Be yourself. Say what you feel. Swearing is permitted.

Include high res images (PNG or JPGs) and/or video or infographic embed codes.

Give credit. Check your facts and quotations. Cite your sources.


We are NOT looking for blatant promotional / marketing posts about your business. Your articles need to be informative, relevant and interesting to our audience.

Products may be submitted for a review but if you’re looking to advertise then please contact us at [email protected].

Your submissions to Hollagully must be written BY YOU. Please mention if they have previously been published elsewhere and provide the appropriate links.

Author bios should be written in 3rd person and be no longer than 500 characters (including spaces).

Although we appreciate all of the guest posts submitted to us, we are only able to publish posts of the highest quality and relevant to our audience.

Our editors will sift through submissions get back to you within 3 days. 

Send submissions to: [email protected]

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