Arturia Minilab MIDI Keyboard Controller

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Arturia Minilab

  • 25 note velocity sensitive mini keyboard.
  • 16 encoders
  • 16 pads (two banks of 8 pads/buttons)
  • Pitchbend/Modulation touch strip
  • Footswitch input
  • Recessed full sized USB jack
  • Bus powered, Class compliant
  • Works with iPad (camera connection kit required)
  • Comes with Analog Lab software
  • 5000 sounds from the best synths and keyboards

In its class, the Arturia MiniLab is one of the more feature-rich MIDI keyboard controllers on the market. Whether you’re on the go or working in a limited space, the MiniLab offers a great depth of features and an included collection of their Analog Lab software: 5000 sounds from the Modular V, CS-80V, Mini V, Arp 2600V, Jupiter 8V, Prophet V, Oberheim SEM V, and Wurlitzer V. This combinations makes an amazing hybrid synthesizer with excellent functionality and great vintage sound at your fingertips.

Get maximum human expression and playability with its 25 velocity-sensitive mini-keys along with the pitch and modulation strip controls. Program and perform from anywhere with 16 assignable full-size rotary encoders with independent MIDI channel assignments. These can be used in absolute mode or one of three relative data modes to send MIDI CC or NRPN/RPN.

Two banks of 8 velocity-sensitive rubber performance pads pads can be easily assigned to offer MPC style drum pads, MIDI CC buttons, or Program change switches. A recessed full-sized Type-B USB jack and assignable footswitch input keep your connections tucked in and out of the way. The Arturia MiniLab is Bus-powered, class-compliant; meaning no drivers needed and works with the iPad.

The front panel controls of the MiniLab will automatically control the most used parameters of each sound in the Analog Lab software. This means functions like Resonance, Cutoff, Envelope controls, and LFO depth will be at your immediate disposal. You can also browse and load your sounds directly from the front panel.

Arturia’s MiniLab USB MIDI keyboard controller marries the style you love with the hands-on control and portability you need to take your studio wherever you go.


PC: 2 GB RAM; CPU 2 GHz (Windows 7 or higher)
Mac: 2 GB RAM; CPU 2 GHz (OS X 10.7 or higher)


Akai MPK Mini MKII, Alesis V49, Novation Launchkey



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