Apple Releases Music Memos For Musicians On The Go

Feb 19, 2016  /  by Lucas Marston  /  in MUSIC, TECHNOLOGY

Apple has always excelled in developing innovative music products that serve as a reinforcer instead of a barrier in bringing our ideas to fruition.

Earlier this year Apple announced the release of Music Memos, an intuitive audio memo tool that crosses the traditional Voice Memos app with a light version digital audio workstation much akin to Garageband.

apple music memos

Like Voice Memos, it allows you to capture recordings anywhere with the ability to develop the further with a built-in virtual drummer and bass player. Music Memos detects the structure of your recording, uses pitch recognition technology to detect chords and allows you to instantly crop and rearrange your idea.

Add tags your music memos to describe and categorize them before exporting them into other apps to be managed or shared.

Music Memos is a free download available from the app store.

[image via Apple]


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