Hollagully is an exploration of creativity in the converging worlds of arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. All of our content is released on our website, through our monthly newsletter Hollagully Hotline, and on social media.

We focus on shifting paradigms in today’s creative industries as we progress into an increasingly global and digital future.

We promote: entrepreneurship & systems building, the leveraging of assets & disruptive technologies, audacious experimentation & cross-pollination of traditionally isolated domains.

Our goal is to observe and report on these disruptions for the parameters that they dismantle or impose on creative fields. We endorse all things that question the roll of gatekeepers, that challenge them, or bypasses them completely.

We share the stories, tools, and insights from creative professionals who successfully navigate the digital age. We’re on the lookout for ways that creatives can stay ahead of the curve in diversifying their offering, skill set and product line as to establish culture and relevance around their craft. 

Hollagully is a platform for readers to contribute thoughtful commentary on the topics mentioned above that may in return serve as a marketing opportunity to reach new audiences. Value for value. For submissions, visit our Contribute page.

“Don’t Find Work, Make Work.”

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