31 Best Websites For Finding Creative Freelancing Jobs

Updated April 1, 2019 |  by Hollagully


If you’re an employee at a company then you’ve probably already come to realize that the need for your presence in the office is dwindling, and you are completely capable of completing your tasks from anywhere that has a solid connection to the internet. And if your time management is strong, you can complete more tasks for multiple employers and in less time to earn a higher salary. That could very well be why you’re reading this article right now.

Or perhaps you’ve now honed your craft and are looking to enter the realm of the creative professional, and offer your skill set out for hire to companies that could use it. Companies large and small are leveraging freelance websites to build their teams. They hire remote employees and by using new communication technologies, achieve the same results without the major costs of rent.


Many artists are unaware that there exists many new freelance sites that are thriving marketplaces for more than just graphic and product designers, but for musicians, filmmakers, and many other creative disciplines and offering opportunities for all various positions within them.

Currently, freelancers make up 34 per cent of the US workforce; a number that is guaranteed to rise in the coming years and create a huge amount of opportunity and competition alike. For this reason we have included links to online courses through CreativeLive taught by wildly successful creative freelancers that will help you develop your overall professionalism in your freelance journey.

Our list of the best freelance websites for finding creative jobs contains the hottest talent marketplaces on the web. Whether your looking for remote graphic design jobs to earn money while travel abroad, or you’re a vocalist looking to lend your talents to a budding producer, these creative job boards offer opportunity for creatives of all walks of life.

Hubstaff Talent


Hubstaff Talent is a fairly new platform that in only 6 months since launching have managed to grow an audience of over 20,000 freelancers. Their 100k+ organic monthly visitors are a combination of remote startups, software companies, agencies, and ecommerce businesses of which Hubstaff Talent charges 0% fees. Allowing business owners to so easily scale a remote team makes for a ripe environment for the expanding global freelancing workforce.The Hubstaff website has a rich blog section and podcast offering a wealth of education and products for freelancers of all walks of life



Filmagon is a film industry job board website that is loaded with great paying gigs that cover literally every aspect of film production of gaffer to sound designer to make-up artist — on and on. Jobs are predominantly located in the United States but international ones can still be found.  Jobs can often be remote though many are location based. Pros can post their profile for networking and follow their informative blog for great industry insights.



SoundBetter is an online job board that connects musicians around the globe for recording projects. Whether you’re a music producer in search of a session player, a songwriter in search of a mix engineer, or a beat maker in search of a vocalist, SoundBetter has thousands of musician profiles including some of the worlds best engineers. This means that, for the right price, artists from around the world can have access to some of the best in the game and have their recordings compare to today’s top 40 hits. Artists can easily posts jobs and receive plenty of applications from candidates from all over the globe — introducing remote freelancing opportunities for a global music community. The site also includes a cost calculator for artists to get an estimate for the services they seek, which discourages posts from amateurs thinking professionals would work for free. SoundBetter often hosts live webinars with industry professionals for subjects in post-production so it’s worth signing up for the email list too.

Stage 32


Stage 32 is a top online destination for film industry professionals that offers networking, education, and job opportunities for all positions of the industry. Jobs can be found around the world, offering plenty of remote positions and innovative collaborations. Stage 32 offers a rich blog section and a podcast to keep members in the loop and receive consistent feed about their industry and craft. As jobs can be found for everything related to film, this means there are great opportunities for sound designers, composers, foley artists, and photographers as well so poke around, sign up and introduce yourself. To read a recent post we did on Stage 32, click here.

99 Designs


99 Designs has seen incredible success in recent years that has made them one of the world’s largest online graphic design marketplaces. Clients simply create a well-detailed brief and for a variety of pricing structures and have designers from around the world pitch their work. Whether you’re a designer looking for employment, or are an entrepreneur in need of refined design for your product, 99 designs has opportunities for everyone.



You probably don’t need much of an introduction to Behance as it is probably the largest creative job market place on the internet. Behance offers itself in 19 languages to creatives and employers across architecture, branding, fashion, graphic design, photography, UI/UX and plenty more. With enough browsing, you just might find yourself viewing the portfolio of the artist who created your favourite album or movie cover. Behance is an excellent place to find work, hire, or collaborate with an international network of artists.

I Love Creatives


Started in Los Angeles is the simple and attractive I Love Creatives platform with connects artists globally for not only freelance gigs but studio rental spaces, workshops, collaborations, events and more. Promote your art sale or public event from the website, create a creative profile, and start networking.



Vocalizr is a new online collaborative workspace that connects professional singers and producers world-wide. They develop a broad community and an powerful internal search engine allowing creatives to search according to fixed criteria. There are both free and paid memberships, with the paid amounting to only $9.00 which offers unlimited connections and networking and a lower contractor connection fee. Vocalizr is a great destination for post-production studios needing to find spur of the moment talent to fulfill brief requirements from the agencies that employ them.



Dribbble is another main design marketplace attracting millions of monthly visitors who are looking to promote or purchase freelance design. Employers can find designers by location or skills, and may post job positions to have their pick of the draw. The platform offers meetups for members, an informative podcast, and plenty more to help creators along their professional path.



Since 2000, Krop has been a top Creative job board and portfolio hosting site matching talent of all levels of experience with major global brands like Apple, Ogilvy, ESPN, and Nike. Portfolios are easy and customizable, requiring no coding or hosting. Membership is $8.25 monthly which is reasonable once compared to the work and hosting put into a WordPress or Squarespace site that doesn’t include a job marketplace. Krop portfolios also allow integration with your Instagram account and Google Analytics.

Working Not Working


We’re big fans of Working Not Working as they have a highly professional curated community of top creative talent for which they land incredible jobs from today’s largest companies. They specialize in a talent rich community of advertising art directors, copywriters, designers, creative technologists and the like. You must apply for an invite or be nominated by a current member to join which attests to the caliber of work required for entry. Working Not Working plan to expand to other rolls in other industries so if you don’t see your role listed then be sure to keep them on your radar.



Coroflot is a graphics and illustration focused freelance marketplace with over 150,000 users and an active job board. Portfolio creation is free and easy with unlimited image uploads and links to promote social media accounts. Coroflot proactively targets the hiring needs of companies that range from local operations to multi-national industry leaders. Their platform offers creative advice, professional exposure, and of course, potential employment.



Carbonmade is an easy to use online talent pool where employers hunt for all sorts of creative professionals in illustration, photography, fashion design, motion design, architecture and tons more. Creatives can make very interesting yet simple portfolios loaded with features and requiring no HTML or CSS from a selection of design-savvy themes. Signing up is free and a paid tier structure allows for different perks at a given price, allowing more features to a theme and projects to a profile. Carbonmade is home to 950,000 porfolios that drive the site almost 2 million visits per month making it a legitimate platform to promote, or hunt for creative works.



Based in Montreal, Canada, Crew is a platform for companies to scout top designers for all creative work in branding, web and product design, mobile applications and eCommerce. Projects from employers are pre-vetted, assuring that all work is worthy of your time. Creatives can message with employers from within an internal messaging system to refine the scope of the project and assure deadlines and budgets are met.



By this point, most freelancers are familiar with Upwork as it is one of the largest freelance market places on the web, attracting visitors by the millions. Employers go to Upwork for projects of all sizes — big or small, one-off or repeat, individual or team-based. In-demand creative positions sought after on Upwork are in graphic design, illustrators, video producers and web designers though a quick browse through their categories section shows demand for a wide range of creative positions.

Linkedin Profinder


A very logical next step for Linkedin, of course, was to develop a professional online marketplace to connect companies with talent. As you could imagine, the variety of positions in all fields are vast so there’s likely a category for your particular craft. ProFinder’s roster is a highly curated list of creative professionals who they connect with high-quality leads. Users apply for positions by simply sending a personalized message and price quote along with their profile.



Taking the crown as the largest online freelancing market place is Freelancer, currently with over 18 million employers and freelancers. Creative professionals in web, graphic and logo design will especially like Freelancer. Jobs come in all shapes and sizes and can be a fixed price our or charged hourly with all transactions securely encrypted. These jobs come in one of two ways: Contests allow employers to choose between a pool of many artists pre-existing work or Projects which allow the freelancer to bid on a project and connect with the employer before hand. Chat with employers on-the-go with Freelancer’s mobile app for constant feedback until the project is complete.

Yuno Juno


Highly skilled creative directors, designers, writers, photographers, and film producers are finding work on Yuno Juno, a growing marketplace for creative and tech freelancers. Yuno Juno promotes premium level freelancers to large and small companies alike, offering profile assistance to members as to effectively promote their expertise to employers. Membership for freelancers is free, payments are made 14 days after project delivery, and all communication between a freelancer and employer is direct.

Model Mayhem


Model Mayhem is a popular job board for all positions related to modelling including, but not limited to, photography, filmmaking, digital art, post-production, hair and wardrobe styling and art direction. The site has an informative blog section with commentary and insights into all of these topics in regards to the industry, and at the same time offers networking opportunities and competitions for users. With consistent traffic of over 6M monthly visitors, it’s likely a great place do some mingling and promotion for your portfolio.

Authentic Jobs


Geared more towards designers and developers, Authentic Jobs has been connecting creative pros with leading brands like Tesla, Apple, Facebook, and Mercedes-Benz since 2005. Members can opt for their email alerts feature to get relevant jobs delivered to their inbox.

The Creative Group


The Creative Group matches designers with the perfect company and gives them plenty of resources in career advice, and industry and salary trends through their informative blog section. The website attracts hundreds of thousands of unique monthly visitors to it’s professional marketplace.

Creative Hotlist


Creatives in pretty much all areas of visual design are posting resumes and portfilios on Creative Hotlist for a wide range of companies and organizations. Members can filter job listings by keyword and a number of other categories to find great job opportunities suited for them.

People Per Hour


Another top ranking freelance marketplace is People Per Hour, a UK based community of curated freelancers providing services for over 150,000 companies in more than 188 countries. There are job opportunities in all creative fields including audio, film, writing, design where creatives offer services at a fixed hourly rate and submit proposals to companies on a per project basis. Payments and project management are easy and transparent for both freelancers and employers.



Guru boasts a network of over 1.5 million remote freelancers working both individually and as teams. The platform is simple and secure, allowing freelancers to create profiles, apply for jobs, and be provided with relevant matches to aid in the hunting process for both parties. Communication, payments, and scheduling are made easy from within the platform.



Local Solo, as the name suggests, connects freelancers with employers in their area. It is a free platform for freelancers with a paid tier for heavily active employers. Local Solo does not take any cut from any transaction made and offers plenty of job opportunities across all creative disciplines.

How Design


HOW Design initially started in 1985 as a print magazine and have expanded the brand to offer a host of products, services, education, and events. While their magazine is still an award winning design publication, they have grown their digital presence by hosting a design job board for industry creatives with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of job listings to choose from.

If You Could Jobs


From the folks at It’s Nice That, If You Could Jobs is an online job board geared toward graphic designers and art directors. If You Could Jobs is a great way of finding and publicizing the great opportunities that arise in the creative industries.

Find A Photographer


Find A Photographer is a website of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), a trade association for accomplished imaging professionals. Their platform assures companies that the imagery used to represent and tell the story of their brand meets all criteria in copyright, privacy rights and trademark as it affects the production of their project. Photographers on board specialize in assignment, architectural, and stock photography.



Dunked is a online portfolio platform offering plenty of attractive customizable templates loaded with features. Though not a freelance marketplace, the site features a Showcase section that displays the work of its members, and with Dunked’s high traffic, it can make for a great place to pick up gigs or collaborations.

Photography Jobs Finder


Here the name says it all. A straightforward job bulletin board connecting photographers with employers. Photography Jobs Finder offer an approach and design that deliver versatility, cost effectiveness and time saving in reaching a hiring decision. Usage is free for users searching for employment but there is a fee for employers.

Working Nomads


Working Nomads may be more focused on jobs in tech, however many of these employers are in need of creatives to manage the design and writing aspects of their business. Technology-focused freelance marketplaces are a great place to pick up some odd jobs. And as the name suggests, jobs are remote, allowing you to make some cash as a nomad from wherever you’re located.



Don’t be so quick to roll your eyes at the potential of Craigslist. There are many creatives finding all sort of well paying gigs on the platform, some that amount to a large percentage of their annual income. It wouldn’t hurt to browse through the categories and do some background research on job postings.

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